A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

2 Player overhead competitive fun where you play as... a yellow pie slice. With captivating arenas such as 90's photoshop filter land, Omaha Beach, and E1M1! Choose from an arsenal of guns, chainsaws, and land mines to conquer your foe.

Install instructions

1 Player - Battle a basic AI opponent

2 Player - "Start a Network Game" on the host computer and on a second machine, "Join a Network Game" and type in the IP of the computer to connect to. Press the number keys to select a weapon.

Up/Down: Move forward or backwards
Left/Right: Turn
Space: fire/Respawn
+:increase screen size
-:decrease screen size

F2:toggle High quality rendering on/off
F3: toggle controls between turning and direction based


Weapon Keys:

1 Chainsaw
2 Desert Eagle
3 Uzi
4 Land Mines
0 No weapon


MultiPac Source Code 326 kB
MultiPac 0.2 (Java) 335 kB